What is Cloud Computing?

It has been pointed out to me by a commenter and some emails that perhaps the thesis of both Stallman and Ellison is correct, and should not have any hate flakes rained upon them, such as I did with this post.  With that in mind, allow me to suggest some other things that could be confused with cloud computing, per Stallman and Ellison:

  1. Daycare services – you send your kids off somewhere where they are processed, and returned to you in a different state
  2. Delivered Pizza – you enter your state as “hungry,” make a request on the network, and food is returned in a box object, with a state of “closed” and “hot.”
  3. US Postal Service – put your message in the queue, for delivery to a remote end point, with zero guarantee of quality of service
  4. Goodyear Blimp – a message is transmitted to many synch points via broadcast mechanism, and based on the message content, message consumers take certain actions

Yes, I am joking, but I’m just trying to underscore the notion that given a broad enough definition, you can lump anything into it.