Awesome SEO Opportunity

Last week was a big traffic week for me.  I had a trifecta of posts that happened to pull in a bunch of traffic, which turned me into a stats addict.  In looking at the log files, I wanted to see where the search traffic was coming from and the associated search terms.  There was one that caught my eye, and I would love to know who this person is.  The query was:

declined because of sat score pe firm

“pe firm” means Private Equity firm.  So this person thinks they got declined from a PE firm because of their SAT score?  I am going to go out on a limb and say the SAT score had nothing to do with it.  Generally, to get an interview at a PE firm, you have to have cleared a series of hurdles that act as pre-qualifiers.  Did you go to a top 10 University?  Did you work at one of the large and well regarded investment banks who generally only pull top talent out of the Ivy League?  Did you attend a top 5 MBA program?  If you manage to clear all of those hurdles, I am not sure your SAT score will figure into things.  I could be wrong, but I never once looked at the SAT scores in the two years I ran associate recruiting at the PE firm where I worked.

Stranger still was my inability to find my site in any of the search results for Bing or Google.  Maybe I am missing a big SEO opp? =)

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