BSG Nerdosity – Ringtone

So, I’m a big nerd.  I know this.  I love watching the new Battlestar Galactica.  Without question the best show on TV.  I love it so much, I wanted to have the song (if you’re a fan, you know *the* song) as my ring tone.  Doing some casual searching turned up nothing.  Doing some more serious searching turned up one really bad version.  Even more searching, this time on the BSG Forums, turned up one link to a file that was OK, but not what I wanted.

It was at this point that I realized it was only 11 at night, so I had some time to kill.  Thus began my quest to create the coolest ringtone ever.  Seriously, I’m a legend in my own mind (for sure), but this was quite the task.  Discovered some pretty cool services along the way, and came to understand some of the intricacies of YouTube.  2+ hours of work later, and I have labored to produce this:

 The Cylon Song

Please do let me know if you use it.

  • Christy

    Thanks so much!! now if i can just find someone to help me make it a ringtone!

  • Brandon Watson

    Happy to oblige…I looked for quite a bit of time and couldn’t believe I couldn’t find it. Happy to provide. Maybe SciFi gives a link?

  • Chelmsley Prunefuc

    THANK YOU, i was hoping someone would do something like this. I was trying to but im very lazy and give up easily.

  • Brandon Watson

    No problem…glad to do it. It was something I wanted and the late night just took hold of me. 😉

  • Drew T

    Thanks so much for this! It’s now my ringtone. 🙂

  • Brandon Watson

    You bet!

  • Very appropos & cool. Thank you very much.

  • Brandon Watson

    Great to hear about another happy BSG fan.

  • Sepheri

    Thank you so much. This is awesome!

  • Brandon Watson

    Of course…would be great to hear what people thought of the final episode.

  • Love it! I cropped the tail end off (“Previously on Battlestar Galactica…”) I figure if I haven’t picked up my phone by that point, *and* no one has recognized it, I don’t need to belabour the point 🙂

  • awesome indeed ;))

  • awesome indeed ;))

  • DUDE! Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.