Chrome OS Screenshot Leaked


It’s Friday, and it’s sunny out here in Seattle, which means that no work will get getting done.  In lieu of work, I did some digging with my contacts on the interwebs, and it turns out there is are a couple of screen grabs of the new Chrome OS floating around out there.  I like how Google is taking their minimalist design philosophies for their search engine and applying it to their OS.

At the very least, you can expect that the UI for the OS won’t change for 10 years, that the OS will work only about 80% of the time (the other 20% it’s will be working on some personal projects), and it will spawn hundreds and hundreds of processes which don’t really do anything, never really appropriately allocate a heap, and just kind of sit there completely unused until the master process removes them from the system without telling anyone.

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  • Peter Kasting

    Perhaps you missed the update to the article you linked that notes that the screenshots were completely fake.

  • Brandon Watson

    I was pretty sure they were fake, as was mine. Thanks for the pointer though.