Decabox – When Eight Is Enough

DecaboxJust when you thought that technology had advanced the human conversation as far as it could possibly go, the leaders of the esteemed CNBC network give us their newest innovation.  First called out as the Octobox by Jon Stewart, he brought the new and improved Decabox to our attention this evening.  Having seen this concoction in action, I am at a complete loss as to how this “feature” made it through any semblance of a design review.  Two or three talking heads, coupled with the host, is generally sufficient to guarantee a cacophony bordering on the unintelligible.  The mere suggestion that the addition of heads four or five should have been an offense worthy of dismissal, but 10 heads.  Really?  10?  Really?  I now refer you to Garrity’s Law:

The intellect of individuals in a group decreases exponentially as the number of individuals in the group increases.

This holds true for a meeting of any kind, especially one where television cameras and a national audience are involved.  Yeeessh…