Fantastic Prank – You Got Served



The Kids

The Kids

Admit it.  You got served.  I don’t want to hear no complaining.  If you would be so kind as to add a comment with your first name and something along the lines of the following “I fell for it,” I would be much obliged.

For those people who are happening on this page and don’t know what the joke is about, here’s an email that I sent out as part of an April Fool’s Day joke.

I wanted to reach out to you as Christy and I have made some pretty big decisions, and some of them have direct impact on you. As you know, we are expecting our third child, and as part of the preparation process, we have revisited our will. One of the provisions that wasn’t specifically laid out in our previous version was what would happen to our kids should both of us meet an untimely demise. It’s grim thinking, but apparently we need to think about these things. They lawyer was pretty clear on that.

In any event, after speaking with the lawyer and understanding the laws, and how the courts generally frown upon people taking custody of children if they are “too old” or “too far removed from the child rearing process,” we have been forced down a path of making a decision that we didn’t really think we would ever have to make.

Chickpea is growing up into quite the young lady, and has surprised us with much of her early development. We’re psyched that she will be able to attend Montessori this coming year. Poo Poo McGoo, on the other hand, is progressing at a more normal rate, and has become quite the train collector. He loves Thomas. I tell you this because it’s important you connect with both of them, and their coming sister. Christy and I could think of no one better than the both of you to be responsible for our kids should the worst of worst things come to pass. Given the strength of your own relationship, appreciation for the importance of education, and financial stability, this just made sense to us.

I know this may seem like it’s coming out of left field, and we definitely want to talk about it ASAP. Email affords a better way to get you links and info so you can consume the data and reflect on how you feel about this. Nothing is codified, which is why we are coming to you now, but the lawyers said that we don’t even need your signatures on anything. As for those links, here’s one to a page with a great shot of the kids and a set of additional links to legal precedents and articles about this sort of thing.  It’s probably best that you have a look at the data and really understand and digest what the “no signatures required” bit is all about.

  • Elie Seidman

    You had me. awesome!

  • Bobby

    Kind of got me, but good enough for me to add my name to this site. Damn you Watson!! 🙂

  • Damn!! I was looking forward to raising your kids. In fact, I just set up a trust fund for them…now I need to go undo it…..well, at least you got to me before the final papers were executed. Actually, I am thinking about calling CPS, as what kind of Dad would pull such a prank? Obviously a twisted, perverse, and unstable man.

  • Ok, you had me until “child rearing process”.