Hacking The NY Times Best Seller List

There’s a great podcast I have been listening to since 2006 called Keith and the Girl.  The content is most definitely NSFW, but discovering this gem was like finding Howard Stern before everyone knew about it.  It’s a fantastic show, and they have also done a great job of building community around it.  As of this morning, in the 5 years they have been doing the show, they have had 60 tattoos and 2 brandings of their logo.  Crazy.

In any event, Keith and Chemda (the “girl”) are publishing a book on Mar 9th called “What Do We Do Now?”  They get lots of relationship type questions emailed to them from listeners, answering some on the air, and eventually got a book deal.  Awesome.

Here’s the nutty part which I never knew.  I’m sure authors are well aware of this, but all pre-order sales for a book count toward your first week sales number.  It’s an interesting game you can play as an author, especially one who shows up with an audience, in that you can promote the book well in advance of the release, get the core audience purchases to land you on the best seller lists, and then in store placements which result will likely have a multiplier effect on sales thereafter.  I love it.

If you want a good laugh, go read their sample chapter, or pre-order the book.  They do the show for free and make money from ads and merchandise sales.  Why not buy yourself or someone you know a copy and help get these guys on the best seller lists in the first weeks?  I plan to post my video review later in the week, but I just loved this idea of hacking the best seller list and wanted to share.