Loopy Promotions

Fruit Loops OfferI don’t understand this one.  The good people at Kellog’s seem to doing the ham handed offer for the young ones.  Due to the pressure resulting from coverage of youth and obesity, some of the formulations have changed.  Even the packaging has changed.  There are 12 grams of sugar in every serving of Fruit Loops.  Good times for the rambunctious child, and the parents who mind them.

I always loved digging around in the cereal box to get the toy that came with it.  Most times they were interesting enough to dig, and sometimes they sucked.  However, putting a step counter in a box of sugar laden cereal, sponsored by Adidas no less, is sort of confusing.  I get it…I understand they are trying to say that they take children’s health seriously, but this just seems a little odd to me.  Maybe I’m just getting old.