Zune HD Brings Back High School Memories

image Really Zune HD?  Really?  I was prepared to write a rocking review, espousing my love for you and what a wonderful little device you are.  I do, however, have some issues with the software on the PC, and our relationship has been made slightly more complicated by the fact that you feel the need mock me and let me know I have no friends.  Nice.

Worse, there’s no real explanation of how to fix this little problem.  A little contextual help would be nice here to point me in the right direction.  You’ve got plenty of UI with which to work.  Any other day of the week, Microsoft software has no compunction whatsoever about using up UI for the sake of using up whitespace.  Not this time.  Lots of blank space, and the simple call out – you have no friends.  Thanks.

Jokes aside, a more thorough review of the Zune HD will come at some point, but I am completely blown away by this product.  I have made no secret of my love of the iPod Touch.  In many conversations, I have flat out stated that the iPod Touch is the pinnacle of computing, engineering and design.  No longer.

The weight and screen of the Zune HD are incredible.  However, what’s so remarkable about the device is how pedestrian the Touch now seems in comparison.  I have been using the Zune HD for about a week and I went back to use my iPod Touch for something, and I was flabbergasted at how clunky the UI felt.  I had to check myself on that one, but it’s true.  The Zune HD UI took a little getting used to, but now that we are acquainted, I’m quite happy.  The volume up/fast forward/back screen feels like an “oops, we forgot something” bit of UI, but other than that, it’s top notch, and *fun*.

Yesterday, I sent an email to my circle of co-conspirators wondering how on Earth it was that we (Microsoft) weren’t getting more credit for the software experience of the Zune.  I can’t speak to the client software pre-Zune HD, but the software I am using right now is amazing.  Finding music is easy, the listening experience is great, lots of meta data, and the Zune Pass…ahhhhhhhh, the Zune Pass.  Like Amazon with their Kindle-straw inserted into my wallet, the Zune Pass will be absorbing additional funding from my stash.  The software is a little confusing at first, so there’s certainly room for improvement, but wow, what a great experience.