Gratitude Week 1

As part of my sabbatical, I have made a commitment to much introspection. I have also wanted to take the path of logging things for which I am grateful. I am not sure what the ultimate form will be, but for now, it’s a bullet list.

  • Family Vacation – I was lucky enough to be able to persuade my younger brother to join us while we were in Hawaii. We have never taken a vacation together (which is bonkers when I stop and think about it), and he’s never seen me race. Double rainbow!
  • Happy Dogs – When picking up our dog from the kennel post vacation, he was incredibly happy to see me. It’s silly, but it’s nice to be missed.
  • Durability – Despite a limited training calendar to prep for a half Ironman coming out of an all-mountain-bike schedule for 6 months, my body didn’t get injured. I was able to transition from one to the other, and performed relatively well. My swim was fine when considering how little time I had in the pool to prep. My bike was a course PR, despite a 6 minute stop on the side of the road for a flat. I look forward to many more adventures.