Gratitude Week 3

  • Discovering Humility in Serving Others – I never worked in a restaurant. Nor any traditional service industry job. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity this past week to act as an extra pair of hands for my tri coach Ben Bigglestone. He ran a training camp in Coeur d’Alene this past week, with all but 2 of them racing the half Ironman on Sunday (whilst preparing for the full Ironman in August). It was an incredibly fulfilling week of camaraderie, laughter, setbacks, successes, and fun. I was there for the other athletes, looking to give them a “pro athlete” experience of not worrying about things, and having everything taken care of, and also looking to anticipate their needs based on my own experiences over the years of my racing.
  • Hard Plastic – a longer love note to Garmin will be coming, but let’s just say that my Garmin Forerunner 310 changed from workout computer to fully-load-bearing-hockey-puck during a nasty little crash this week that destroyed a bicycle. My first ever road crash.
  • Underdogs – From the agony of Yonny Hernandez to the ecstasy of Jack Miller, the first Sunday-running ever MotoGP race at Assen will go down as one of my absolute favorites. Rain is the great equalizer. It was so great to be able to yell and cheer for the first non-factory race winner since 2006 in Portugal when Tony Elias won. Rain is a field leveler. A fact I relished when I raced in my first national race at Road Atlanta. I got greedy and went for a pass that would have put me into 9th place. I ended up in the gravel. Fun fact, I beat World Champion Ben Spies that weekend. Of course, he was only 14 that weekend…and started at the back of the grid…with a split field wave start…and he crashed…from third place. He was (is) fast.

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