Not Occam’s Razor


Treasury’s initial plan was about three pages long. The House version, which failed, stretched to 110. The Senate substitute now runs over 450 pages.

I will, for the most part, stay away from political issues on this blog.  No need to incesnse half my audience, one way or the other.  That said, I find this demonstration of our government at work too difficult to let go.

That’s my emphasis above.  Somehow the bill managed to go from a pamphlet to a novel.  Never mind the fact that the cost of this thing has swelled over 20% from the original ask.  If you have an opinion one way or the other on this thing, I suggest you let your congress  person and/or senator know what you think.  You don’t get to complain if you don’t vote, whether by way of your actual vote in November, or your proverbial vote with a phone call to your representatives.

  • Bill Mitchel

    The most hilarious part of the “rescue package” was the esteemed politicos backslapping and congratulating themselves for getting this thing done in short order – isn’t that what they are supposed to be doing day in day out? You’d think they had never really been to work before 😉

    Oh well, time for a change –