Wifey Birthday

My wife kicks ass. Literally.

Every year I try to do something a little different for her birthday. I like to keep her on her toes, and guessing from the run into her birthday from mine in Sept. This year was something completely new.

My cousin Aaron, a JuJitsu black belt and instructor, recently relocated to Portland, OR. I asked him to help me get some people to toss my wife around for a few hours on a Sat. That sounds a lot worse than intended.

For the last 3 years, C has been working toward her black belt in Oom Yung Doe. She’s testing for black in a few months. And she loves it. Whenever she comes home from class, she’s always energized. The neighborhood also has taken to calling her a bad ass.

Lately I have been noticing that she is most energized when her classes have weapons or striking. Hey style does use weapons with frequency, but the striking is definitely quite a bit less than that to which I had been accustomed from my days of JuJitsu.

WP_20131012_12_00_25_ProWP_20131012_12_38_52_ProThe first session was with Roy over at Portland Judo. What a great guy to take on a lesson from out of town on his Saturday. It was a ton of fun to watch her learning something completely new. Watching the lesson with Aaron was also really informative. He kept commenting on how fast she was learning and how good her balance was. It’s hard to get much done in an hour, but by the end she was doing some pretty solid hip throws and sweeps. The most important thing was that she came out smiling.




Next up was Amanda Lowen. She is a Brazilian JuJitsu purple belt now out of Straight Blast in Portland. I wanted to make sure that Christy also had time with a female practitioner. Amanda fights in JuJitsu and MMA tournaments, and teacher of adult and kids classes at Aaron’s gym. Rumor has it that she has fought in tournies in the men’s division. Yowsa! Below is a video of Amanda in tournie mode.




The last session of the day will be with my cousin Aaron. He’s going to work on some wrestling with C. I joked with her as we were driving down to Portland this morning that I guarantee none of her friends have ever had a present like this. I really am hoping she doesn’t decide to try and replicate this stuff on me tonight.




Selfishly we also get to see my cousin, his partner, and their new son. It’s going to be nice to have dinner with extended family. Best of all, NaNa is watching the kids, so we can stay overnight, and C gets to sleep in.