Life Nudges Week 1

Summary: A week ago, I posted about my own experiences with Life Nudges. As part of my time off to design the life I want, I am going to be intentional about chronicling a few things. One of them is my weekly gratitude. Another is tracking Life Nudges (either mine, or recounting stories that I have seen).

Starting a Business

I have a good friend who is looking for something new to do with his time. He’s been working jobs he doesn’t particularly care for, and really wants a change. Recently, we were talking over a meal and he was describing for me one of his ideas which we had discussed before. I asked a few thoughtful questions (i.e. Do you understand who you target customer is? How will you sell this? Why is this different than the alternatives?) and he had some good answers and some not so good answers. However, the thing that really struck me was that there was something holding back his enthusiasm.

He didn’t know how to start.

He’s been running this idea through his mind for a few years. He has a great name for the product. He has a pretty good idea how to make the product. He just hasn’t taken the most scary of steps. The first one of making it real.

So I asked him if I could help. He wasn’t sure.

I wanted to give him a nudge to get him going in the right direction to make progress. I pulled out my phone, and looked up the full intended name of his product to see if the URL was available. It was. I bought it right there while we spoke. Then I looked at him and said:

“Well, now you have a URL. It’s real. Get moving. What one thing can you do between now and next week to make forward progress on this product idea?”

I also made sure to let him know that I would be following up every two weeks to be his accountability buddy. The idea is extremely low risk from a capital outlay perspective. His own worst enemy is his mind, demanding perfection. The product can be adjusted as he goes. The most important thing he can do right now is get a working prototype ready, walk it into a few target customers (retail store fronts) and ask them to try it. What’s the worst that could happen? They laugh at him. Big deal. Best thing they can do is say “this is great – how can I buy some?”

It doesn’t take much to help someone on their path while they are pursuing their own success. In this case, my nudge was a small purchase of a domain name, and listening. What can you do this week to provide a Life Nudge to someone?

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