Life Nudges Week 3

Kids Sports

My kids were in camp this past week. Boulder being Boulder, they were in a rock gym camp. They loved it. There were a bunch of kids there who didn’t have the same high opinion.

One kid in particular was eyeballing the wall and kept saying to the counselor that he was afraid to fall. They were bouldering.

As I had just dropped of my kids, I was walking the gym to make sure they were good. My son was right next to this kid. I didn’t want to interrupt the counselor, who was explaining to the kid that he didn’t have to worry about falling.

So I climbed the wall. And fell. On my back. It was a nice cushion floor after all.

I turned to my son, said “that was fun, have a great time today,” and left.

I didn’t stick around to see what happened with the kid, but I hope he got the right message from that and had a great time.

  • nice! curious how the kid’s mindset changed after seeing you…