Life Nudges Week 4

Kids Sports

I was going to sell my old triathlon wetsuit. It’s not worth a ton, but it’s worth something. I had the posting up on Craigslist, but in the interest of trying to provide Life Nudges wherever I could, I had the following text:

This is my old sleeveless wetsuit. It’s a solid starter suit, and it’s a very inexpensive option for a novice triathlete. I am willing to let it go to a parent of a racer under 18, or a racer under 18, for FREE (i.e. $0), as a way to encourage more youth triathlon participation.

About a day after I posted this, I realized the answer was in my own backyard. The family that runs the local youth tri club team on which my daughter participates has a 12 year old boy who appears to love the sport, and is quite talented. I wish it had occurred to me to offer it up to him before I posted, but perhaps it was the act of posting, combined with the language used, that got me thinking about how to fulfill the destiny of this wetsuit to be used by an aspiring young athlete. I can’t want to see him racing in it.