Dreams and Nightmares

I had a dream once about MotoGP. The year was 2011 and Loris Capirossi was racing his last MotoGP race. He was a very talented rider. He was an aggressive rider. He was a champion that others respected and hated.

He also pulled some shit:

The important thing to remember in this clip is that this was the final race of the 1998 season. The 250GP (that’s Moto2 equivalence for you young’ns) championship was decided in the final corner of the final race. Watch the video…I’ll wait.

OK, what else did you notice? Who won the race? #46. Capirossi pulled some shit; Valentino has seem some shit.

Despite all that transpired in the intervening years (if memory serves, there was a change to the rules in 1999 that penalized moves like Capirossi’s), racing is still racing. Racers get up to stuff.


And by stuff, I mean causing other riders to fall. Sometimes they do it on purpose, and sometimes they don’t. Racing is racing. It’s been going on for some time.

Regardless of how you feel about Capirossi, my dream was that in his final GP, the team orders would be out, and that everyone would more or less stop on the final lap to let him go out on a win. His career spanned 21 years. That was my dream. Of course it didn’t happen.

I read somewhere on the net today where a fan was hoping that the proverbial red sea would open at Valencia to allow Valentino to at least get up to the front of the final GP; to fight for his championship.

It’s unlikely to happen. Regardless of whether he can get to the front, Marc Marquez controls the championship. Valentino cannot consistently beat him. He cannot consistently beat Jorge Lorenzo. They’ve been close all year, so there are no guarantees.

Marquez at home? With nothing to lose? He will clear off the front. Lorenzo needs help to win the championship. 7 points to win the championship. He wins on the wins tie breaker. If he wins the race, he needs help. I wonder where Marquez ends up in that battle.

Unless Rossi is right on Jorge’s rear wheel, Marquez can tow Lorenzo around, and then he can bring Rossi’s nightmare to fruition. He can dynamite the breaks at the finish line and let Lorenzo through. 9 points. Championship to Lorenzo.

If Lorenzo has someone between himself and Rossi (Pedrosa at home? He’s won on this track 6 times; Rossi only twice, and the last time was 11 years ago), Marquez can dynamite the brakes, get off his bike at the finish line, and give Rossi a rather rude gesture as he crosses in third, 9 pts back. It would be insult to injury, because Rossi would still lose if Marquez decides to win, and Vale comes in 4th and Lorenzo is in 2nd (7 pts).

Even if Pedrosa clears off the front, putting Lorenzo in second (20 pts), Rossi will most certainly end up in 4th (13 pts) because there is no way (short of being crashed out of the race) Marquez will let him by.

I’m not predicting how any of this will come to pass, but I am guessing that the paddock area of the Valencia GP in a few weeks time will be…tense. Oh, and Lorenzo is your 2015 MotoGP champion.