How To Hate on Friends and Piss off Colleagues

It’s been a while since I have posted anything about motorcycle racing.  The pre-season testing has finally started, and while I am excited to see Hayden on a Ducati, it would appear the Bologna rocket is not too impressed with the former World Champion.

In reading one of my favorite sites (Kropotkin Thinks), I read this note about Honda introducing rev limiters for their satellite teams.  You see, in the world of racing, you have the haves, and have nots.  The privateer teams generally understand that they are never going to be contending for the win.  Unless they have Tony Elias on the throttle or some Japanese wildcard who is really riding factory equipment (Nori Haga, 1998 anyone?), you have no shot at being on the box.  None.  This is such a predicament that there was talk of running a separate championship within the MotoGP championship.  You know, to have a trophy ceremony for 10th loser.  I’m not dropping hate flakes on the privateers, but you have a choice to run in the series, and you choose to lose to the factories.

With that in mind, however, Honda probably had enough of Andrea Dovizioso crashing the party late in the season.  This year, the boys at Honda will have none of that non-sense.  In the name of “reducing costs” and “maintaining engines for longer life spans,” the satellite teams will find themselves with detuned engines.  Honda basically gave them the finger.

Even better, because there is talk of requiring engines to last 2 weekends in the 2010 season, Honda will be using the satellite teams as logistics testing for the 2009 season, ensuring that parts get where they need to go.  That would be the second finger.

The way Honda treats riders (see Rossi and Hayden departures and the tangled stories of pain they told post exit), and now how they treat their satellite teams, it’s any wonder anyone wants to work with them.  It’s too bad they can field so many bikes, and the green boys have to leave the series and the blue bikes were close to bowing out, if not for the amazing run of Capirossi and Vermuelen at Sepang.