Speed Lessons

I was fortunate to race in my very first downhill mountain bike race ever yesterday at Stevens Pass Bike Park. The NW Cup Finals was amazing, and I am sure I will muster a race report later.The Project529 team was out in full force, but the master class was given by our own Nate Marsh.

Sometimes you can learn by doing. Sometimes you can learn by following. But sometimes, to really understand the difference between great and good, you have to see things up close and personal. I stood up on the last part of the course to see the racers coming through some of the bermed corners, and to gauge their speed, body position, and use of braking.

To really understand the short time span in this photo, note the dog doesn’t even get a full cycle of wag, the guy on the far right barely gets a half step, and the woman next to him maybe a step and a half. Iverson is past you in the lane in that time span. 10 feet. Ichiro beats a throw to first. 15 feet. Nate closed down this Cat1 racer. 35 feet. They started 30 seconds apart by the way.