ASP.NET MVC Book Sample Chapter

I have professed my love for ASP.NET MVC, but have come to hate the documentation by blog.  I have been checking Amazon and the local book stores for a book that would help spell out many of the topics not covered in Scottgu’s blog posts.

Here at Mix09, Scott Hanselman is giving out links to the first chapter of his forthcoming book, coauthored with ScottGu, Phil Haack, and Rob Conrey.  Apparently they are doing this under creative commons, and want you to have it.  “First chapter?,” you ask.  What’s the big deal?  Well…it’s 185 pages, and is a start to finish app creation.  That is how I want to learn this stuff, and was psyched to see it.  I am working through the content myself, but wanted to share the link.

The book title is “Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0” and they have a link to the free chapter.  Enjoy.