Description: I want to build an app that has value for self development within organizations.  The app will have user accounts, which you will need in order to leave feedback and view your own feedback.  People can enter 3 words about another person, for whom they must have their email.  I may restrict feedback to people of the same top level domain, but I haven’t decided.  All feedback will be anonymous.  The 3 words are meant to be the two that you like and the one that people say about you when you leave the room.  I want to be able to display a tag cloud of all the words in the system on the default page, with the positive words in green and the negative words in red.  Further, once someone logs in, I want to have multiple clouds representing:

  • words about you
  • words you have written about others
  • words written by others about people you have written about
  • words written by others about who have written about you

So there it is in a nutshell.  I am going to start the N00b Notes with my quest to get this done.

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  • ouch. I just read your post over on HackerNews. Thanks for hammering home that point of execution over ideas.


    Will Lam

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