Find Me A Product Manager Get Free Windows7

In an effort to bolster the economy one job at a time, I have a position on my team that I need to fill.  We’re looking for smart, capable people who know how to get shit done, and have fun doing it.  You must have a passionate desire to make the lives of developers easier, and help get our products to market, and make them the best option for developers.  If you know anyone who might fit the bill, let me know.  If I hire someone you refer, I will personally get you a copy of Windows7 (when it ships of course).

Standard Job Title: Product Manager

Job Category: Marketing

Product: Developer Platforms

Division: Server & Tools Business

We are looking for a passionate technical product marketer to act as the unified voice of .NET for Microsoft. This person will help create and communicate a clear, concise and consistent value proposition for our developer community.

In this role you will:
•     Refine the .NET story by working with the various product marketing teams who have a stake in .NET, as well as DPE. This includes individual .NET technology teams such as WCF, WPF, WF, ASP.NET, ADO, WIF, Silverlight
•     Create scenarios and demos that reinforce the value of the platform and how the components work together to deliver amazing developer experiences. We are all about “Show don’t tell!”
•     Be the first responder to high priority field and customer issues regarding the .NET Framework. This involves working with CATM, DPE and EPG teams around the world.
•     Represent the unified marketing perspective on the .NET Framework leadership team, and ensure that the .NET brand is being used appropriately.
•     Work with AR, PR and web teams as a SME to ensure that the .NET story is communicated effectively to the broad audiences including press, influential bloggers, industry analysts and developers directly.

Requirements of the job:
•     We’re looking for someone with the right mix of program manager and product manager – technical skills and curiosity, plus deep customer empathy, with a little dash of go to market strategy mixed in
•     Deep passion for developers and be their strongest advocate within Microsoft.
•     Strong technical understanding of competitive marketplace including Java, RubyonRails, PHP/Zend, Python/Django, and other competitive development frameworks.
•     Ability to work effectively across many disparate teams, and drive consensus without conflict.
•     Either by yourself or through vendors, have an ability to create demos, sample code and technical artifacts that make our story come alive for developers.
•     Excellent oral communication skills, as you will frequently be the voice of .NET to public facing audiences, and customers.

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