Engrish Tradeshow Execution

What do you do when you have a large tradeshow presence to plan? Clearly you want to put your best foot forward.  If you are going to attend the Mobile World Congress, we’re talking about your absolute best foot forward.  Booth space isn’t cheap, and you have 50K people to impress.  Sadly, I feel that one company had a bit of a “lost in translation” moment when they planned their presence.

imageI am not sure, even now, I can tell you what CBoss does.  To the left is a logo grab from their website.  I think they have something to do with IT infrastructure, but I can’t be sure.  If, based on their show presence, I was asked to tell you what they did, I would say that they have invented a machine which manufactures women in vaguely futuristic or revealing clothing.  Though, I am not sure if they do it in hardware or software, so I’m not sure how excited I should be.

WP_000114To make this point, allow me to share this photo.  You see, this booth was just across from the Microsoft booth, and it was quite loud.  At any given moment, there was anywhere from 3 to 7 women on stage.  Yes, stage.  It wasn’t clear if there was any meeting areas.  I did not see a single male working at the booth the whole time I was there.  In fact, the cynical person in me thinks that the company is completely fabricated, and the booth presence was constructed by Google in an effort to deflect attention from Windows Phone 7.  It seemed that every time our team was getting ready to do demos, CBoss cranked up the music.

Scantily clad women is bad.  Tacky.  Worse still is not even having an employee who has even a bare modicum of understanding of the subject matter presenting on stage.  Each time a presentation occurred, it was someone reading, badly and quietly, from a script.

Here’s where it get’s interesting.  The astute reader will note text on the backdrop of the stage.  I must admit, I was at Mobile World Congress for 3 whole days before I even noticed the text.  3 days.  The distraction factor was quite high.


What on Earth is that?  “CBoss presents the 55th product”?  Huh?  And how exactly do you use “network functionalities more efficient”?


My personal favorite: “Your Benefits in Post-Crisis Markets.”

If you are going to spend the money on a booth, and certainly the, erm, people talent to bring people to the booth, make sure people can understand what you do, especially if they are staring at your booth.

  • ah booth babes; I think MWC is the last show to have them in such quantity… maybe CBOSS is a devision of Allure Bays?

  • Looks like WM7 is hotter than hot babes… during WM7 presentation no looked at these 4 girls 😉

  • I <3 their Lady GaGa dresses tho.