Running in the Cold

In the spirit of reddit’s “today I learned” subreddit, I have decided that at least once a week, I want to share something that I learned. Today’s edition is about running in the cold. And by cold I mean…brrrrrrrrrrrr cold.

Outside temp

Pre-RunThere’s been a bit of a cold snap moving through these parts, and the snow has also come with it. Over the course of the last few days, we have seen roughly 10 inches of new snow. Today the sun finally broke through, but all that meant was that I was fooled into thinking that it might actually warm outside. Today’s workout was a threshold bike ride on the trainer followed by a transition run outside. Given all of my problems running in the heat, it really shouldn’t surprise me that I run well in the colder climate.

So what did I learn today?

  1. Somewhat at ends with what I thought would be reality, it was easier to cut a new path while running in 6-8″ of snow than to run on the tracks left by a XC skier.
  2. If you bundle up appropriately, the cold is nothing to fear when exercising. My specific ensemble included running tights, arm and leg warmers, a cycling cold weather jacket, Under Armor shirt, tri short and sleeveless jersey, really good gloves, and a beanie.
  3. Bundling up everywhere else will not prevent your toes from getting cold. Time to invest in some proper cold weather running socks.
  4. YakTrax are an amazing product for running on snow and ice. I never had cause to purchase these items, but they came on the recommendation of Coach Ben and someone at work. I got the running model, and they pretty much made me forget I was running on ice and snow.
  5. One should not put leg warmers on top of running tights. They should go underneath. Else you will stop every 5 minutes to pull them back up, and with gloves on, this is complicated.
  6. Snot freezes.