2014 Racing Season Begins

My racing season kicked off in earnest today with the first workout of the year. It was a light pool workout, and my shoulders are reminding me that it’s been three months since I have been in the water. 400m warm up, 2x800m drills, 200m cool down.

I’m back with my coach, Ben Bigglestone of VO2Multisport. The results last year were good, though not great. It wasn’t because I wasn’t prepared. It wasn’t lack of heart. I had some good races, and some bad ones. I love toeing the line, though, and I look forward to pushing myself even harder this year.

My plan for this season is to post more of the training log. As someone who has a pretty demanding job, and three young kids, I wanted to share not just the race reports but the commitment that goes into these sorts of endeavors. It is possible. You just have to do the work. And have the support from your support crew. But it is possible, and not in an insane crazy way.

My goals for 2014 are pretty simple. I have ratcheted down my expectations of qualifying for 70.3 Worlds. My times this past year weren’t even close, and the 40-44 age bracket just gets faster. It’s crazy how much the sport has developed, and how deep the talent pool is. It’s OK though. I love the training, I love the big goals, and I love the amazing feeling of accomplishment of crossing that line in the road or dirt.

The goal for this year? Bigger. When I made my list of potential races, I made an extensive list. I added some dream epic races. Longer races. Crazy-town races. When all the sorting was done, and the conversation with my wife concluded, we had a tentatively approved race schedule. My only thought was: my goodness; what have I done? With spousal approval in hand, I had to rush to register for the big races to ensure I didn’t back out. Now I will say them out loud and put them on paper so that the rest of the world can hold me accountable as well.

March – Sammamish Half Marathon

May – NW Epic Stottlemeyer 60 mile mountain bike race

May – Honu Half Ironman

June – Seattle Marathon

July – Whistler Ironman

Aug – NW Epic Capitol Forest 100 mile mountain bike race

Should be a fun year. More weekly training logs to come.