Ah, Training Again…

It’s great to be back on a bike. After the last couple of years, with a myriad of issues and two children getting added to the mix, I really haven’t been able to train the way I want for my races. Last season’s Ironman Buffalo Springs was a complete let down in terms of my finishing time. At least I finished.

So now that we are done with our little vacation, and apparently relocating to the Pacific Northwest, I can start thinking about my race schedule for this year. I plan to post my training regimen, as a way to share with other folks looking for ways to supplement their training, without all the preachiness you will find on certain web forums for triathlon. It’s just what I do and what works for me.

The one thing that I am not used to here, which we certainly did not have in Texas, are the hills. Holy banana hands, there are some crazy hills around here, and I am so not prepared for riding them. It will be great for training, but man does it suck. At least the weather is cooler here (if not more damp).

  • No more Texas?