Cycling Trainer Mystery – Solved (maybe)

The other day, I posted about my experience with the Wahoo Kickr, and some power reading anomalies that I experience.

When I first purchased the Quarq, I read that it was calibrated at the factory. My read on that was that it was calibrated. It turns out that calibration is a loaded term, and readings of the power meter are dependent on temperature. It’s quite a bit colder here than I would like it to be, and I think I once upon a time calibrated, in the summer…in Hawaii.

PowerBumpThat’s the power curve from a workout this week. The main set was 3×12 mins at Z4, so basically around 90% FLT, or 225W. As I stated in the earlier post, I have been struggling to hit power numbers and thought it was a combination of being out of shape, or altitude. Well, during this session, right before the third set (you can see power go to 0W for about a minute or so) is where I did the calibration. Lo and behold, 30-40 free watts. I was riding slightly harder in this third set, but I also know that my HR goes up over time with a constant speed/power. So that clear step function in my power output for that third set is not me going harder. If anything, I was tired and trying to close out a hard set.

Today was an overgear set, and I did one of those last Friday (pre-calibration), so it will be interesting to see power, HR comparisons.