Honu Half Day 1 Pre Race

The day has started out in a much more peaceful way than I would have thought. Most fights with 3 kids are incredibly stress inducing. Getting through the airport is never easy, and this time we were carting around my bike box.

Taking a cue from my younger days, when we pulled up curbside to check the bags, I immediately palmed some cash into the skycap’s hand. Pay the bartenders early, and they will take care of you all night. Same theory. One of the bags is too heavy? No problem. Supposed to charge you an arm and a leg for your bike box? How about just a couple of fingers. Super low stress, and highly recommended.

The flight had quite a few competitors. One gal was flying in from Boston for this race. She’s done 9 full Ironmans and is trying to qualify for the world championships. It’s great to see all of these athletes on the plane, and somewhat reassuring to see all the nervousness. It’s been 6 years since I raced this distance, so the nerves are there. However, as I was riding the trainer this morning, I had a pleasant sense of calm. I feel “ready.” I can’t really think of any long course race at which I have competed and felt that way. We’ll see how I feel once we get off the plane, and my body is assaulted by the heat, humidity, and the wind.