My Physical Life Q1 2013

I have been training with Ben Bigglestone, a triathlon coach who runs VO2Multisport, since Dec 1, 2012. I feel very strongly in having work-life balance, as well as having mind-body balance. As a focusing goal, for 2013 I have set some pretty aggressive targets for events in which I want to participate, and level of achievement in those events.

Overall, in Q1, I spent 110 hours training/racing over 96 different activities. The total distance covered is well understated at 665.6 miles, because so much of my bike training was on a trainer and not outside, due in no small part to our weather and the start times of some of my rides. Elevation gained, also understated, was 28,839 feet, and I burned 56,562 calories. I started training at about 182 pounds. My waistline has come in several inches, but I am walking around at only 173 pounds. The difference is clear, but I expected to have dropped more weight. I want to drop another 8 pounds for my racing weight. No specific reason, but 165 sounds good.

I ran 30 times for a total distance of 182 miles, in 28 hours and 43 minutes. Total calories burned 19,803, and climbed over 8,000 feet.

I cycled 42 times for a total distance of 451 miles, but again that was way understated. Total time, however, was not, at 60 hours 53 minutes. Elevation gain was 20,800 feet (understated), and burned 36,343 calories.

According to the data I swam 20 times, but that seems low. I need to check on that. Total distance was 31 miles, over the course of 18 hours and 22 minutes.

I ran in one race, and set my personal best chip-timed half marathon by almost 8 minutes.

I rode in two mountain bike races, and have regularly finished near the back of my racing team, and well back in the sportman class of Budu Racing. I really should be racing beginner class due to my riding skills, but the races in that class are simply too short to be interesting to me. I have quite a ways to go in developing my handling skills to keep up with the front pack guys, but my engine is developing nicely.