Reflections on Boulder

This will be a bit of a humblebrag post. I love living in Boulder. The reason? Being able to get outside. In the winter. With sunlight. That whole “8” of snow in the backyard” thing? Distant memory. Amazing how fast the snow clears out here.


The LakeLong Shadows

Getting up in the morning is easy when what you see is an explosion of color. The sunrises here are great, and can be a potent combo of fire from one side, to amazing reflective light off the mountains to the west. Sure, it’s the dead of winter, but the days are getting a bit longer, and some of the recent days have treated us to temps in the 50s. Not too bad.

Of course, when you get off the trainer and head outside for that transition run, oftentimes the treat is clear skies, and long shadows. Sure, it was a bit windy, and not super warm at 8AM (something on the order of 36F), but it doesn’t matter. I was running in tri shorts, tri top, and arm warmers. In January. And I was dry.

Yup, not feeling terrible about the decision to move here. The altitude has definitely played some mean tricks on me, and it’s taken a bit of time to adjust, but that’s OK. I spent a few days in New Jersey this week, and the workouts were far less labored. That’s another data point for me to file away as I build confidence in the training program, and how I feel here, versus how I will feel at lower elevations when I race. The fun bit will be the half Ironman here in Boulder, and an Xterra at Winter Park, which is at 9K feet. And of course, the Silver Rush in Leadville. Altitude is rough…no secret there. Certainly no astute observations. I will say that now, approximately 3 months into living here, I feel like I have my lungs back, and I can press hard on the bike and run. Oddly, swimming has been the hardest adjustment. My CSS is still off from sea level, and swimming over distance is much harder for me than what I remember from Seattle. I spoke to a local pro, and they mentioned off hand that swimming here kicked the crap out of them, so I feel less bad.

Perhaps the Boulder edition of team VO2MultiSport won’t disappoint this season after all. Positive vibes, loads of sunshine, and each week sees progress and improvements. Can’t ask for much more than that.

  • Ravi

    I feel better and better about moving here as the days go by. my wife and I just rented a house in golden, after spending the past year traveling the world (and 14 years before that in Seattle! The sunshine (even when it is cold) makes all the difference!

    Contemplating settling down longer term in Boulder…but prefer the small town feel of Golden for now.