Tour de France Madness

I just don’t understand the mind-set of some of the pro peloton riders.  Getting caught for doping in this years’ Tour is insane.  How could they think that they would get away with it?  So far, we have had three riders thrown out of the tour, and one team completely retire.

Saunier-Duval walked away from the Tour on the heels of the revelation that their rider, Ricardo Ricco, tested positive for a new form of EPO.  Did they walk away because of shame, or fear that more of their riders would test positive?  Seeing as Ricco had two stage wins, not to mention a runner up slot at the Giro d’Italia, and Saunier had riders finish 1-2 on stage 10, one can only wonder if the new form of EPO Ricco was caught using was also flowing through the bodies of the rest of that team.

Here’s what I don’t get.  If the police come to a bar and tell the patrons that not only are there going to be sobriety check points on the road that night, but that there would be check points at all possible points of egress from that bar, and that if you test positive you are going to jail for life, would anyone leave the bar drunk and try to drive?  Seriously.  Dumbfucks.  The lot of them.  I just can’t comprehend the level of conceit and disrespect for a sport where you continue to cheat, especially knowing full well that you will get caught and be publicly shamed and humiliated.

I don’t care if the cheaters are gone.  They haven’t tarnished what has been great racing so far.  The Tour execs have handled each of these doping situations swiftly, strongly, and appropriately.  Good on them.  Here come the Alps…let’s keep riding.