Training Update – Week 10

week10And that, boys and girls, is how you put the wood to the pile. Ouch! What a tough week. The long run on Sunday was particularly nasty because of the inadvertent inclusion of 1,600′ of climbing. That wasn’t my intent. It just sort of worked out that way.

Distances reported by the trainer continue to be wrong. The weather has been so nasty that to get outside would be folly at best. I don’t care about the speed reporting so much. The real issue is that the distances are wrong, and without a power meter, it’s really hard to gauge effort except for heart rate. Hopefully I can solve all of those issues in the coming weeks.

Interesting notes of the week. The Saturday bike was a complete whiff. I paid for it on Sunday when I tried to make it up. More on that next week. The Friday effort, on the other hand, was a good one. It was 4.5 miles of running off the bike, and .75 of, we’ll charitably call it jogging. The breakthrough on this run for me was being sub 7 pace in the first mile, and right around 7:10 for the rest of the run.

To be fair, this wasn’t the plan I was supposed to follow. Coach Ben asked for a descend set, with the first 2 miles to be at 7:30, the next 1.5 at 7:00 and then 1 mile a 6:30 pace. I am not so sure I actually could have done it that way. My pace off the bike was way faster than I have ever been off the bike. In order to avoid all the stress I self create when I know I have pace that I am supposed to hit, I changed the display on my computer to show me only HR and distance. I wanted to run on feel. I went way too hard too early, which is fine, but I was *shocked* at the pace I did show, considering how terrible I have historically been off the bike.

The other mistake I made on this run was trying to do it without water. Just a single GU at :20. That’s OK…all good learning. More important was the confidence this built.