Training Update – Week 46


Training for the week of Nov 10th to 16th. I have to say, it sure felt like a heavier week than the 8 hours of training would suggest. I know Sunday’s ride looks shorter than it was by about :30 because of a watch snafu, but still. Monday was a much appreciated day off, as it will be quite a while before I have another one.

The good news is that I don’t feel nearly as tired as I thought I would given the immediate ramp of the training. There’s something to be said about having a base from the previous year. It sure makes the drills on the bike on the trainer not hurt as much.

It’s cold around here, meaning too much time on the trainer. When I can get outside, the sun is up for something like 4 hours (not quite, but it feels that way) making it harder to work around the work/kid schedule. Riding around here with lights is sketchy at best. Running around here with lights is an invitation for those coyotes I ran with on Sat (and that was in the late morning) to do some hunting of me. Never mind the bobcats and cougars. At least the bears are sleeping…