Training Update – Week 53


The final week of the year was a good one for training. Granted, I didn’t get all of the workouts 100% done, but for the most part they all felt good. It was nice to be done with some of the Christmas holidays and get back into a rhythm.

The long bike on the 29th was supposed to be 3-4 hours outdoors. For those of you keeping score at home, that week was all kinds of cold here in the Seattle area. I wasn’t going outside for anyone or anything. I hoped for warmer weather, and that led to me wasting quite a bit of the day away. Hope is not a strategy. I should have just got on the trainer earlier. At least I went half iron distance, and in a pretty ridiculous time. Yes, on the trainer, so take the performance with a grain of salt. However, the heart rate was well under control. It will be great to finally get outside on the aero bars.

The one day I did manage to get outside and ride was on New Years. It was really, really cold for a bike ride. And I got lost on a trail that I have ridden too many times to have become lost. My friends had told me there was a reroute on the trail. When I saw what appeared to be a newly cut path, I turned onto it. The first sign that it was the wrong way was that there was no dirt visible; just leaves and the faintest hint of a trail. The second sign was that monster log I had to climb over to continue. The final sign was that 8 foot wide, 2 foot deep, creek I had to cross. I should have turned around when I dumped out onto a road that I didn’t recognize. I didn’t. I just started following it downhill. And down. And down. Turns out I dumped out at I90, about two or so miles from where I needed to be. I was lucky, but also annoyed I didn’t ride the actual new trail. Lesson learned. To the Evergreen MTB crew – me likey the new addition to Upper Grand Ridge.

Lastly, that 2:05 run on the 4th was a very controlled effort on a rolling trail. The 12.7 miles was a solid effort, but what made me most happy about the run was the progress in the last 2 months. I run that trail a lot, and this time I did 4 laps on the 2.9 mile loop. All times were within about 1:30 of each other, and I was only a minute or so off my best time on the loop, but 20 beats per minute lower. Excellent.