Training Update–Week 5


I have been a bit off in terms of getting my regular updates to the blog. Work has been super busy, and we’ve been trying to close out on some minor home remodel projects. Those always turn out to occupy way more free time than you want. Between training, working, and the kids, I hardly had the time to keep the blog updated.

Couple of fun things this week. The run on the 26th was supposed to be 12 miles. There’s an awkward moment when you reach for your head lamp and realize you forgot it at home. The sun was going doing, and I was on a pipeline trail (meaning no lights whatsoever). I turned around, but ran the last 2+ miles under cover of no-moon night. It was strange. No reference points, and just running in the dark. Very very strange.

On the 27th, I got to have a very cool training session on my mountain bike. I will be writing that up at a later time, but it was a humbling learning experience. Physics + bikes…if you understand how they cooperate, you will ride better. Who knew? <g>

The speed workouts are getting progressively puke-ier. The run at the gym on the 31st was absolutely crazy. 8x 1K, with decreasing splits. Splits 5 and 6 were done at 6:40 min/mile pace, and 7 was done at 6:30, while I did 8 at 5:45 pace. I really didn’t ever think I would be running this fast ever again. Last time I ran that fast for that long I was 12. I have always been a sprinter. It’s been great to see my running so much improved. The real test will come mid-March when I run a half marathon. I think I will go under 1:35, but the real test will be to get under 1:31 (7 min/mi pace). It’s a super flat course, but it’s on hard pack gravel, so that might slow things down. I went 1:40 on that course last year.

Lastly, the bike on the 1st was my best bike session in a LONG time. My coach has been adapting my riding this year. I used to be a low RPM, high grunt factor rider. This year we are trying to completely change things around and go for high cadence turn over. It’s already paying off in my swim. The run appears to be getting along nicely as well, but the cycling is different. Trying to change the cycling has proven a bit more difficult than I thought. However, the ride on Sat was great. Very hard sets, with a high TSS (150+ I believe), but the overall speed was very high over distance. I was really excited. My nutrition plan was spot on, hydration was spot on, and I felt great afterward.

It’s been crazy cold here, and I still haven’t ridden outside on the new TT bike. I can’t wait. The good news is I closed out the week at 166 lbs. Already at last year’s race weight, and it’s only Feb.