Epic Alarm Clock Fail

I cannot even begin to understand the logic of this design decision.  When I got to my room at the Venetian, I was surprised by a couple of things.  First was the size.  It’s a business suite.  Second, the fact that the bed pulled out of the wall…in the corner.  That was a little off putting.  However, the clock is what made me angry.

The clock wasn’t plugged in, so that was the first order of business.  I tried for 10-15 minutes to figure out how to set it.  Being an engineer, I simply couldn’t admit defeat.  Ultimately, I was tired and called the front desk.  It turns out that this particular clock needs a screwdriver (a SCREWDRIVER) to set the time. You can set the alarm fine, but in order to set the time, you need to remove the bottom of the box.  WTF?  They offered to send up an engineer to set it, but knowing what  “truck roll” would cost, I couldn’t, in good conscience, do that.  I opted for the wake up call.