Building the Platform, One Dev at a Time

Last week when I read Jamie’s excoriation of the Blackberry Playbook dev platform (so many people forwarded it to me), it made me sad.  Sad because a developer was hitting friction on a platform on which he clearly wanted to develop apps.

Tyler Lessard from RIM responded to this open air criticism, and I give him points for his embracing this publicly.  I look forwarded to meeting Tyler at some point in the future.

There are some in the community that said Jamie was bitching and moaning.  He was.  They say he gave up too easily.  Perhaps.  This issue does elucidate a more pressing issue, which is the plethora of choices available to the discerning developer, and the decreasing ability to get it wrong if you are a platform provider.  Further, with Twitter and blogs being so public – they are forever etched in stone people! (i.e. the search index) – it’s hard for a platform provider to not to feel like they are under constant and heavy fire.

Yet, the very tools which quickly bring scorn and ire to some can provide for a happy ending to others.  In just under 4 hours, I was able to reach out to someone in another country, whom I have never met, and had never heard of prior to last week, and prompt him to action.



Even if we build the platform one developer at a time, that’s one more developer than we had last week.  Every developer matters.  Every. Single. One.  I effing love my job.

  • Anonymous

    ” I look forwarded to meeting Tyler at some point in the future.” WP7 to be the primary platform for Blackberry smartphones ! ! !

  • Alan Mendelevich

    I have 3 words for you, but you already know them: “More developer countries!” 😉 That would let you get tens, hundreds or thousands at a time. Not one.

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  • PHenry

    Hi Brandon, I tried to get in touch with you about our WP7 study group, but unfortunately didn’t hear back. We have more information on my blog ( We have 12 people participating, but only two have actual phones. Having another development phone to loan out would be incredible!

  • brandonwatson

    I have sent your post to our guys in Canada. they should get back to you, but you can email me if they don’t – brwatson at microsoft

  • Anonymous

    one developer at a time? If MS wants to get more developers on board, why not follow Amazon’s lead and wave the fee, at least until you get enough devs and apps out there

  • Jeff Genovese

    See if the next one developer you can get is Major League Baseball. If there’s no MLB At Bat app this season for Windows Phone, I’ll be a very sad panda.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. I’m not getting any dev love here. Tho I managed to get my app published thro CEE DPE HQ 😛

  • David Petrla


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  • Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

    Brandon, (If this is the right Brandon in the Microsoft News)

    While I’m not a DEV, I yet would like to ask for a CHECKPOINT app– for students who need to drop what they’re doing and get to class… later….

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