Happy Developers

A little nerd humor for the day. I got asked by some executives to “prove” that what we were doing was working.  That wasn’t so hard.  The next question was “how would you show return on investment for additional budget.”  I thought on it for a few moments, and wrote the following on the board.  The engineers got it.


That’s a screen grab from Visual Studio, which is now my desktop image.

I later shared this with some of my developer buddies.  What ensued is also pretty funny:

Friend 1: “Shouldn’t that be a property (e.g., Developers.AreHappy)?”

Friend 2: “It could be a complex function returning different values depending on the level of Developer.Fickle property."

Friend 1: “The FxCops will come after you for violating policy CA1024.  To Friend 2’s point, you could get a reprieve if making devs happy is a time-intensive operation. If that’s the case, however, you should review your entire architecture and implementation.”

I love my nerdy friends.

  • Haacked

    I took it to mean that OnInvestment is itself a function (Function) that you’re returning, making that a valid code snippet as well. Really geeky!

  • I successfully pass the geeky-test then, I guess. The first thing I thought (after laughing) was the same as Friend 1 – that AreHappy should be a property (and properly named, too) 🙂

    Good with some good-natured fun. Now just make your international developers happy and open Marketplace for downloads in the rest of Europe 😛

  • Dupe

  • Shouldn’t that be “I love my GEEK friends” (I always view geek as a compliment and nerd as a bit of an insult – perhaps this is region specific though?)

  • Of course, back in reality, its a shame a lot of developers are NOT happy. No sockets API, no real camera API, no this, no that, no updates* to provide these and many other functions.

    *no worthwhile or available updates.

    Microsoft’s definition of “moving quickly” is very laughable.

  • That made me LOL!

  • Brandon

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