Seattle Area Developers – GDGT Event

Stop the presses!  I’ve got some news.  The great team at GDGT is coming to Seattle, and they are having a bit of a party and meetup.  There should be a great deal of nerdosity going on there, which is awesome in its own right.  This will be further accentuated by the fact that the Windows Phone 7 team will be there to show off some devices.

Under normal circumstances, that would be pretty cool.  However, we’re not in the “pretty cool” business here.  I think I have made it clear, we are in the epic shit business.  Apparently, the nerdosity is expected to flow especially high at this event, and the request was made for the developer platform team for Windows Phone 7 to make an appearance.  Challenge thrown down.  Challenge accepted.  Challenge contorted into something all together different.

Since announcing the email alias to which you can send your device requests (about 2 weeks ago), we’ve been blown away by the response.  We’re still making our way through those requests, getting them into a CRM system and assigning them to our field evangelists.  That’s a tale of logistical complexity for another day.  However, the whole point of having preview devices is to get them into the hands of developers, right?  So we have two things to share.

First, if you are a developer in the area, and want to come to the event, bring your laptops with your Windows Phone 7 XAPs.  We will have phones on site to which you can deploy your code.  You can see it running on a real Windows Phone 7.  You get to share it with the crowd.  That’s not bad, but certainly not epic.  No, no.  Epic is in reserve for those true hackers who show up with the goods.  For those who have got the best XAPs, we are bringing a couple of phones with us, and some developer agreements to sign.  That’s right…the “A” gamers will be walking out with phones on which to continue their coding.

Are you game?  Spread the word, and see you there.

  • Curt

    Wow that's tonight. Better get coding.

    Any word on labs for we, the phoneless masses so we can bring up our code on the device, do some debugging and perf work (preferably not in a party setting)?

  • Yes, we are working on setting something like that up with our field resources. Seattle will be easier than other locations, of course, but we're working on it.

  • Curt

    Glad to hear it, Brandon.

  • Manav

    Can we have something like this in the UK? I'm sick of hearing all US events, and nothing for us developers in the UK. Not even a response to our mails… 🙁

  • GTRoberts

    Absolutely love the “we are in the epic shit business” line… LOL! brilliant stuff!

  • Only if we could have had this near RTP, NC :-/… lucky ppls, some interviews i watched made this event sound aawwsome…

  • golf1052

    🙁 i wish i lived in a big city, little old RI gets nothing 🙁

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  • I'm so love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.

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