Windows Phone Backstage Conversation

This past week, I participated in a backstage conversation with the community interested in Windows Phone 7.  It a very strange experience for me, which you will understand when you watch the video.  Between lights going out, phones ringing, and talking to a screen for an hour, it was most certainly novel.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to doing another.  Lots of great questions from the community.  Have a watch and let me know how I can help you.

  • vangrieg

    First of all, thanks for sharing info about WP7 with us on Backstage, it was an interesting conversation!

    The content was, unfortunately, a mixed story, and I'd like to follow up on the question I asked about access to email attachments for third party applications.

    I found your reasoning for not providing this functionality somewhat strange – you said it was to promote great user experience and save battery life, and I'm at loss with regard to how these things are related.

    I can sort of see why a third party application may be restricted from changing OS-wide settings like becoming a default viewer for a certain type of files, or from accessing email database. But I don't see why a user cannot tap an attachment and choose the application to view it himself (saving the preference in an ideal scenario). Without such functionality, how am I going to view PDF files, for example, which are often sent in emails? It was said that PDF support would need to come from third parties, right? iPhone is also restrictive, but at least they provided built-in viewers for widespread file types, and PDF is one of those types.

    Another question that wasn't covered in the chat – is something like SNAPI on the radar? Or at least any kind of APIs for providing local notifications (or at least trigger alerts)? I can't run an app in background – OK, but how would being able to set a reminder for a user hurting his experience?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Joe

    Did Brandon answer your question privately? Or just not at all..

  • vangrieg

    Not at all..