Windows Phone Is Hiring – On My Team

Subject: Ms. Muffet would run scared from you.

Why Miss Muffet? Because we are looking for someone who has unbelievable _web_ skills.  Get it?  Web…Spider? No? #facepalm

Befitting our desire to stand out with our job postings, I give you one rendered in tweets:

Our team has a serious bunch of people who take #winning very seriously…but we have no tigers’ blood #ImportTariff

Specifically, we are on the Windows Phone Apps org, and we are responsible for the App Plat and the breadth dev ecosystem #WhupAppsForShort

We are looking for an amazing web technologist who wants to advance to state of the web on mobile devices #LovesWindowsPhone

Our purpose is clear: “Cultivate a developer ecosystem that delivers outstanding mobile experiences.”  #TopThatGoogle

You will have broad responsibility: ensuring top 20 web sites look great on WP & educating breadth web devs about the same #YouAreABeautician

You will find those places where WindowsPhone web stands out against the competition, and shine a light on it #CompeteToWin

You must have the mind of a genius but the heart of a teacher, because we have to reach loads of web devs #ScaleItUp

This will be an incredibly challenging position, requiring lots of cross group collaboration #TheWhatAndTheHow

There are 2 screening questions: 1) do you code as a hobby & 2) have you successfully marketed a dev platform before? #HardToFind

The person who thinks they can and the person who thinks they can’t are both right #WhichOneAreYou

You can read about the job here: #WhatAreYouWaitingFor