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It’s not often I find myself kerfuffled, but that’s what happened when I was permitted to be a guest to discuss Windows Phone 7 on Windows Weekly, hosted by Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott.  I’ve been a long time listener of several of the TWiT network podcasts, and fondly remember staying up late in grad school to catch Dev Null on “The Site” on MSNBC.  It was a lively conversation, and I have received many emails from people I don’t know with their thoughts on the show and WP7.  I love hearing from the community, and really look forward to meeting more developers building cool apps and games.

imageWe also sponsored a couple of .Net Rocks shows with Carl and Richard (show 1) so that we could talk about the tools release, but more importantly so that we could enable 6 developers to talk about what they are building for Windows Phone 7.  We really wanted to give a microphone to devs doing cool stuff; specifically guys who are working without the aid of PR firms and other means to get the opportunity to promote themselves.  We know that there are going to be many apps built for Windows Phone 7 by small teams, and we really want to help get them noticed.

  • Steve Miller

    I've been listening the Paul and Leo do their Windows Weekly netcast for some time now and I especially enjoyed the episode you were just on. I have been waiting to upgrade my old Windows Mobile phone until Windows Phone 7 is released. I so glad it is finally here because my old phone is slowly dying on me. I'll be interested to see which phone you pick.

  • Bucdiver

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  • Bucdiver

    ANy chance of the consumer getting their hands on one of those “I Love Windows Phone” shirts?????

  • Flow

    Hey Brandon,

    hope you read this.

    I'm a developer and also already registred for WP7 Marketplace but that wasn't easy, because the support is … BAD!

    So why i'm telling you this?
    Because i'm enthusiastic about the plattform i want it to be a success. But there are many developers right now that can't get into Marketplace because BAD registration process and BAD support. And by BAD Support i mean getting an answere all 24 Hours, really sucks when you try to get in the Marketplace quickly.
    It took me more than 2 Weeks to get into the Marketplace and now i'm waiting for GeoTrust approvement, so still not completly finished. (I know the GeoTrust stuff has to be done, thats not the problem)
    I don't know if you can do something about how MS handles its support, because disappoint the developers already before they can submit ther applications sounds really bad to me. And may also be a reason why Windows Mobile doesn't have a great market share.

    I really mean no offense, but i thought if a person in a key position knows about this, it could help all the developers out there knocking on MS doors.


    Kind regards,

  • Huge Leo Laporte fan, and windows 7 fan, dude you brought the thunder on the show. How Leo Laporte Doesn't immediately sign you to a podcast i don't know. this week in windows phone, or something. you've got an amazing career ahead of you.. Im actually listening to it again now. I hit you up on @ericwinchester =) thanks.

  • FrstrtdUser

    One of the biggest drawbacks for many users with the new Windows Phone 7 OS is that the system does not support tethering. I have been searching high and low for this before buying a Samsung Focus and come to find out this bad news. Many forum all around the net show people like myself disappointed over this and commenting. There are a few forums and youtube videos showing a back door method of making this work, but manipulating the OS that way makes me uneasy…why was tethering not included in WP7? It seems the more options given to customers, the more versatility and the more sales… Will there be a patch or fix to make tethering work soon?

  • FrstrtdUser

    Discovered another drawback after purchasing Windows Phone 7, Samsung Focus…there is no Active Sync and no direct way to sync my Outlook Calendar and Contacts without going through Windows Live blah blah…very disappointing. Also read on various forums others with the same disapointments. Active sync was great and made it so easy to sync. Fortunately I am within 30days and I can return the phone which I will.