XBox Live on Windows Phone 7

XboxLiveWP7 Inspired by the always entertaining Mike Klucher, I snapped this pic of my own avatar on my daily use Windows Phone 7.  He talks about the very way I felt when my avatar showed up on my phone this week.  It made me smile.  I even went into the XBox Marketplace to change around some clothing options to see how long before it appeared on my phone.  I was not disappointed.

I also felt great sadness because my achievements were so dated.  Not that the system wasn’t working.  No,no.  This was a stark reminder that I haven’t been playing nearly as much XBox as I should be!!  So, off to GameStop I went and picked up my copy of Red Dead Redemption.  I very much plan to use the “hey, it’s Father’s Day” excuse all weekend long.

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  • Omar Stewey

    I really can't wait to try this

  • dotnetscraps

    That is sooo cooool… when are we gonna get Win Mo 7?

    I am so excited for this WM7 and Silverlight + XNA support. I really think if we can tweak a few glitches in the market place, we can grow leaps and bounds and beat the fruit company, again!

  • Shalan007

    That was a really good idea to finally integrate all the services already in the MS portfolio.
    Finally that will motivate me to get my achivements up abit too 🙂
    Cant wait to see the avatar moving in 3d too.
    Lets see what kind of games are coming with XBox integration. Endless possibilites.
    Maybe even a game where the phone acts as a special controller device -showing some “important” infos? All after all a question of market share for the phone.