Thank You Bell Helmets

This is a video thank you card to the men and women who work at Easton Bell.  My goal is to land this in front of Easton Bell President, Chris Zimmerman (I think I figured out his email).  I’m using all the tricks in my bag.  The tweet went out this morning, some buddy mails, this blog post, some spelunking through LinkedIn, etc.

I know I have next to no talent in movie making or editing.  I used my Flip HD and personal laptop on this project, working in close partnership with my companion – my beautiful 6 year old daughter.  She had a great time with the filming and the editing, and loved seeing the final product.  Sorry in advance for the wonky volume.

If you watch the video, and it touches you in some way…share it with a friend.  I would love for the team at Easton Bell to see the reach and impact of their products, to know that they each had a hand in saving a life, keeping a family together, and keeping a smile on the faces of my family.  It’s also nice to use social media to pass around stories of companies that done good.


**note: I think the email in question is  I am going to send a link to the video with a nice note.  If anyone sends email to Easton Bell, please be respectful of inboxes, and remember, we want them to be happy about this. Smile

  • Brandon, that’s awesome! It’s great to see that you’ve well on the path to good recovery and really nice that you guys wanted to say thankyou in such a warm (and public) way.


  • Anonymous

    Really touching, Brandon.  Thank you, Bell Helmets.

  • Wow, didn’t realise things got that close. Great video Brandon – brought a tear to my eye. Awesome to see you have recovered well, keep on doing what you do best with Windows Phone 🙂

  • Very well done Brandon and family.

    I RT to this major US charity – with your helmut manufacturer being the major sponsor of their current initiative.  A powerful reminder for kids and adults alike that hemets save lives, with PABI (Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury) = No1 cause of death and disability for children/young adults in the US.


    You were very lucky not to be another statistic!

    All the best,

  • It’s amazing what a ~$40 investment (the helmet) can return. Thank you, Bell Helmets for saving lives and keeping families together.

  • I actually don’t remember how much I spent on the helmet, or if I even had any strict purchase criteria.  I paid much more attention with my recently purchased helmets.

  • Glad to see your OK Brandon, touching video! 

  • wow that was a nasty fall .. from your tweets I did not think it was this bad .. ( the way you were tweeting about it and showing off your neck brace , i did not think it came this close to the end ). Its nice to know you are feeling better and have recovered in a good way.

    PS : I don’t think sharing the email publicly is a good idea, with the number of followers you have , even if a small fraction decide to email them it *could turn out to be annoying

    * – IMHO

  • Great to see you back in action Brandon…. I’ve routed via some of my contacts in the bike industry to se if we can land it where you want it!

    THinking cap on for cool ideas for a Bell Helmets #WP7 demo app 🙂

  • Matt

    really moving – glad you had your helmet on!

  • Hans

    Will pass this video on to the kids I coach.  Glad you came through the accident and decided to post this video.

  • Bell Sports, a division of Easton-Bell Sports, a manufacturer of bicycle helmets, racing cars and motorbikes. Easton-Bell Sports also owns the football helmet Riddell helmet and Giro brand.

  • rich

    nice job…I just sent them a thank  you as well….though not as well done as yours

  • Csackett

    Brandon, what’s your e-mail?  I will forward this to the correcti ndividuals throughout our office but wanted to give them your contact.

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  • You sure the nicest compliment is to broadcast the guy’s email on your blog like that?!

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