Uncommon Economic Indicators

I am always interested in things that we all notice but don’t quite put together for what they really are.  I think we can all agree that the economy is tough right now.  I’m a little shielded from that with my job and employer doing well enough, so that makes things a little easier.  However, I know that it’s tough times out there for many people, and that bums me out.

My wife came by for a quick visit and we turned it into lunch with daddy at work.  During the conversation, she shared that she had been at the mall with the kids.  She also noted that “the ratio of men to women in the play area is going up during the middle of the week.”  Just last week, when I was on daddy day care last week, I noticed that there were quite a few dudes there as well.

So with the economy on the skids, upward goes the number of men with nothing to do in the middle of the day.  With an eye toward painting a silver lining on things, at least they are getting to spend more time with their kids.

  • We’ve had other people tell us similar stories about more fathers spending time with their kids…but not sure what is the cause of that. Layoffs? Change in values?

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